To all our clients disrupted by Hurricane Ian, know that the entire HitPath team stands behind you. We know that maintaining proper network operations and business efficiency might become difficult. Starting immediately and until further notice, we will offer you free and unlimited access to our Managed Services team. These highly trained support and client services engineers will assist you in running your network efficiently. Our primary goal is to ensure that your affiliates and partners understand that your business is operating optimally and with no interruption. Please contact the support engineering team and we will get you set up. Samuel C.R. Prokop | Founder/CEO

Your stats are just a click away: HitPath’s Google Chrome Extension

Apr 26, 2022
Sam Prokop
Sam Prokop
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Love getting up-to-the-minute insight on campaign performance? Now HitPath makes it easier than ever with our new extension for Google Chrome.

The HitPath extension places an app shortcut on your Google menu bar, so you can simply click for instant access to your offers’ overall performance for the current month. And installation is painless, too, with a one-step process from the Chrome Web Store.

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