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Multi Channel Tracking Needs

With the amount of data generated in today’s world, advertisers, ad agencies and publisher networks alike must rely on the right set of tools to accurately aggregate, analyze and organize this BIG DATA. With HitPath software, clients can properly attribute the various touchpoints of all their marketing efforts to evaluate measurable customer engagements.

HitPath for Networks

Employ a comprehensive and intelligent set of tools and reports to run an efficient and streamlined network operation.

HitPath for Advertisers

Maintain the proper compliance chain and protect your brand while properly tracking all your sales.

HitPath for Agencies

Utilize our Agency Managed Services to offer your clients the right attribution tracking solution.

An incredible set of

Tools and Reports

For the last 10 years, our focus has been to deliver clients the right set of attribution tracking tools and reporting needed to operate an efficient business. We understand the market’s sudden shifts, and we’re constantly developing processes relevant to those changes. One size does NOT fit all; HitPath software has proven to be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of even the most demanding clients, while never compromising on what gave us our best of breed reputation to date: Accurate, Scalable and Highly Reliable Software with the absolute best customer support in the industry.

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What our clients say about us

Hitpath’s interface has allowed not just myself, but all the staff at JB to gather, troubleshoot and analyze statistical data in a much more efficient manner. The ability to customize reports to your specific scope of work in the dashboard is just OUTSTANDING. Great job Hitpath!

I knew from the first time I saw HitPath nearly a decade ago that it would be a game changer.  This is the most versatile and dependable system we have ever found online for performance tracking, data aggregation, call transfers, and more.  Further, they have built an awesome support team around the technology and have always gone the extra mile to help our business grow.  I would highly recommend it to any business.

I LOVE HITPATH!!! The Hitpath team has done an outstanding job at customizing and tailoring their platform and service based on our unique business needs. Their robust reporting platform provides us with the insights we need to drive our business forward. They’ve been a cherished partner for over 6 years and look forward to their continual innovations.

There are no words to describe how amazing the Customer Support Team at Hitpath is. Whenever I am in need, whether it be the simplest of questions or complications with pixels or tracking, they are never more than a click away. With Hitpath it’s an immediate response. They are also great in walking you thru step by step educating you with each issue. So you not only walk away with one less fluster but a bit smarter 🙂 Thank you Hitpath support Team for all you do. You make a worlds difference and I am happy you are on my side!