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Welcome to The Pixel Wire

Apr 26, 2022
Sam Prokop
Sam Prokop
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When I was asked to write an introduction to our new blog, I thought it would take me ten minutes , tops… cut to me, 20 minutes later, staring at the blinking cursor – unsure where to start. It would probably be best to tell you a little about HitPath and our goal with The PixelWire.

As an industry expert in the Digital Marketing community, HitPath works with Big Data and the issues surrounding it 24/7.  As part of an ongoing effort to be good stewards to our Ad Tech community, we thought that this would be a great place to share some of the knowledge that we have gleaned over our years in the Digital Marketing industry. We have a set of blog contributors lined up whose experience and personalities represent a nice cross-section of HitPath, and the Digital Marketing world in general.  This is the part where I tell you to jump right in and encourage you to join the conversation.

Look, here’s the deal…

This space is for you – we want to bring you input from industry experts, best practices from subject matter experts and any other useful stuff that will help you gain some efficiencies and grow your business. If there is a subject or an issue that you’d like to discuss, or have an idea you need to bounce off of others in your community – let us know.  I am really excited to be part of launching The PixelWire. Give us a shout – We can’t wait to hear from you!


About our Contributors

To best illustrate the diversity and some of the strengths of our blog contributors, let’s examine their alter egos:

Theresa Farmer
Theresa Farmer, VP of Strategic Partnerships HitPath

Theresa Farmer is a name familiar to most within the Digital Marketing community. Not unlike superhero Black Cat, (founder of Cat’s Eye Investigations) who uses her infrared vision to seek out the non-compliant, Theresa shares extensive background in the compliance niche.

Cari Birkner

Another name that is no doubt familiar to many in this industry, Cari Birkner – is our Elastagirl. Like superhero Elastagirl, Cari is EVERYwhere! Connected to so many areas and key players within our industry, Cari absorbs a wealth of experience from every direction of ad tech.

Kelly Browne

Have you ever tried to equate yourself to a superhero?
It’s not easy – especially if you’re having a bad hair day.

Rather than finding my super equivalent, I view my strengths a bit like the Lantern Power Ring. Like the ring, which grants the wearer incredible powers; sharpening the skill-set of the wearer – my experience in the Ad Tech community, HitPath in particular, is charged by those around me – sharpening my ability to watch, learn and relate.

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