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Mobile Traffic Optimization: NOT ALL CLICKS ARE CREATED EQUAL!

Apr 26, 2022
Sam Prokop
Sam Prokop
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Having Traffic Is Half the Battle,


Knowing the device that originates your traffic is no longer optional, but essential, if you want to maintain proper conversions! We have moved into an age where the growing impact of mobile devices continues to flourish; now contributing to over 40% of your traffic flow. The voice of mobile has grown from slight to resounding. Certainly, it’s time to leverage the benefits that this thriving channel is offering; marketers who don’t or can’t, will certainly be left in the dust.

In recent past, you needed little more than a decent stream of traffic and a few good advertiser relationships to be a success. Voila! Affiliate Marketing gold! However, times have changed. To survive and thrive in today’s marketplace, you must also have smart, intuitive technology. The marketing community as a whole is scrambling to find ways to engage an ever-expanding mobile community. Without the right tools, it’s a bit like trying to catch fireflies with a net. HitPath has developed an intuitive tool-set and report suite to help you identify and engage with this audience, making it easier to target qualified leads.

“If you do not offer your affiliates campaigns that are optimized for mobile users, you simply are not doing your job.”

Mobile ad traffic is exploding!
Top-performing networks have learned that they must adapt to maintain ROI.

50% – 80% of all initial consumer engagement in Performance Marketing is now taking place on a mobile device of some sort, leaving advertisers and networks that aren’t utilizing mobile optimization, scratching their heads.  If you do not offer your affiliates campaigns that are optimized for mobile users, you simply are not doing your job. They will likely switch their traffic to someone who can, faster than you can wonder “Why are my conversions dropping?” “Where is my traffic?” When you deliver thoughtful, relevant content, you engage with consumers on their terms; in turn, reaching the intended audience, and increasing the likelihood of conversion into a customer.

“..understanding your audience means knowing the device that they are using”

The Bottom Line is this: Do You Really Know Where Your Traffic Originates?

e-Mail, Display, Downloads, Search, Social: all terms for traffic streams that you are no doubt familiar with. But by Originate, I mean quite literally, what type of device generated the click or created the action that included them in traffic? If you have no clue, then that makes it difficult to deliver campaigns optimized for this audience. In short, you will be delivering a shot-in-the-dark to compete with traffic that has been optimized for this device and this audience.

In a mobile-device-driven world, the device and its size do matter! The ways in which consumers interact or engage with mobile ads varies; depending on factors such as sex and age or device type. Women for instance, are far more likely to engage on a tablet than on a smart phone. And engagement on a smart phone seems more dependent on the location of the user at the time. According to a research program conducted by ABI Research, more users actually shop on their smartphones than on their tablets. However, the quality of the purchase is higher when generated from a tablet. Again, understanding your audience means knowing the device that they are using.

Tools to optimize traffic, analyse results and measure success

As your performance marketing tracking solution provider, it is our job to analyze the data that your network generates and present you with tools to make you more nimble and deft in the marketplace; able to anticipate and react to market shifts, help you deliver engaging content and campaigns and increase your overall conversion rates.

Many of the recently-added tools at your disposal within the HitPath Network Administration Console were born from the need to optimize mobile traffic. Tools such as the Global Device Report will show you where your traffic originates. Utilize Device Targeting to insure that traffic is routed to the proper device. Use our Content Creator to build high converting, mobile-optimized landing pages and serve them remotely. Even leverage the emerging pay-per-call market with our proprietary Call Serving and Ad-Ringer.Technology is a necessity. Understanding how to leverage that technology is key!

Mobile growth is set to drive record revenues for Performance Marketing for the rest of 2013 and 2014.

Basic marketing rules dictate that if mobile devices are having such a direct impact on media consumption, that shopping and purchase behavior will follow suit. With the surge of smartphone and tablet users set to continue, and consumers’ unwavering demand for apps, you will see Mobile Performance Marketing really take off this year. Also growing at a phenomenal rate, is mobile commerce. More consumers are making purchases from their smartphones. In fact, Retail is projected to see the most growth in mobile commerce, accounting for $25 billion over the next 3 to 4 years.

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