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Affiliate Summit West 2021 Paves Way for A More Automated Future for Affiliate Marketers

Apr 26, 2022
Shaun Hall
Shaun Hall

The HitPath team made a jubilant return to Las Vegas for the Affiliate Summit West show early November 2021, held at the famous Caesars Palace. This year’s ASW show was filled with new updates and developments, paving the way for a more automated future in the world of affiliate marketing. 

This year’s event reached an all-time high for attendance, packed with exhibitors and attendees, some returning and some new, excited to network with new partners and grow their businesses. The HitPath team took a lot away from ASW this year, and plans to incorporate exciting new advancements for the business in 2022.  

ASW 2021 HitPath Road road crew sporting the signature Orange pants!

What does the future of Affiliate Marketing look like for 2022?

The HitPath team saw a major shift in the need for more scalable and reliable solutions than ever before after attending this year’s event. The team saw the emergence of more automation and artificial intelligence solutions being presented for lead generation, e-commerce, and various other verticals. There is a focus on streamlining processes and becoming more efficient for affiliate marketers in 2022. 

“ If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s the need for more reliable resources and innovative solutions when it comes to affiliate marketing and online advertising.” -Shaun Hall, VP of Sales 

What happened at the ASW Affiliate Ball this year? 

HitPath was a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Affiliate Ball. 24 hours before the event, the headliner, Method Man, had something come up and had to cancel the performance. Normally, this change would have caused the event to be cancelled- but the HitPath team works in affiliate marketing, meaning they know how to adapt to whatever challenge comes their way!  The HitPath team lives by the words “The show must go on!” After working all night, the team was able to secure recording industry superstar Akon to perform at the ball! It was a true testament to how this industry operates, and just how dynamic and adaptable teams like the HitPath team are. 

How can businesses prepare for the changes we will see in 2022? 

Living in a post-pandemic world, there is much uncertainty when it comes to the future. One thing that is for certain though, is the affiliate marketing industry contains some of the most resilient and adaptable people in the world. Businesses must remain fluid and adaptable to prepare for the changes we will see in 2022, as we move towards more artificial intelligence and automation in our ever-evolving and technology-driven world. 

With over 18 years in business, the HitPath team has become industry leaders at being flexible and adaptable no matter what challenges arise next. After the insight gained and events experienced at this year's ASW show, the HitPath team looks forward to progressively adapting tactics and methods to their affiliate tracking solutions to best meet the needs of today’s businesses. 

Want to learn more about what the HitPath team is doing in the affiliate marketing space? Get in touch with the HitPath team today to see our software in action.  

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