To all our clients disrupted by Hurricane Ian, know that the entire HitPath team stands behind you. We know that maintaining proper network operations and business efficiency might become difficult. Starting immediately and until further notice, we will offer you free and unlimited access to our Managed Services team. These highly trained support and client services engineers will assist you in running your network efficiently. Our primary goal is to ensure that your affiliates and partners understand that your business is operating optimally and with no interruption. Please contact the support engineering team and we will get you set up. Samuel C.R. Prokop | Founder/CEO

Shaun Hall

VP of Sales
Shaun is the VP of Sales for HitPath and brings a wealth of insightful knowledge of the Affiliate Marketing industry. Shaun has experience managing affiliates and advertisers for a few significant networks in the space. He has worked with a successful advertiser on managing their affiliate programs and helping bring new products to market. Shaun has also spent a couple of years as an affiliate running traffic across various platforms. He was awarded an AFFY Award in Las Vegas in 2019 for excellence in affiliate marketing. Shaun lives by the quote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” A born salesman, Shaun had a rich and diverse career in corporate sales before starting in affiliate marketing. He is a genuine people person and has a heart for helping people. He believes every problem has a solution, and he is willing to do what it takes to find the answer. Shaun is a foodie through and through. When the pandemic started, Shaun started a Facebook group for home chefs that quickly shot up to almost ten thousand members and got featured on NPR. His ability to unite people and form new friendships over something as simple as food speaks to his easy-going, compassionate nature.
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