To all our clients disrupted by Hurricane Ian, know that the entire HitPath team stands behind you. We know that maintaining proper network operations and business efficiency might become difficult. Starting immediately and until further notice, we will offer you free and unlimited access to our Managed Services team. These highly trained support and client services engineers will assist you in running your network efficiently. Our primary goal is to ensure that your affiliates and partners understand that your business is operating optimally and with no interruption. Please contact the support engineering team and we will get you set up. Samuel C.R. Prokop | Founder/CEO

Announcing the new Hitpath Partner Portal

Apr 26, 2022
Hitpath Support
Hitpath Support

You asked for it and we delivered – the next generation of performance marketing portals is here! Hitpath has redesigned the front and back end of your partner login for publishers and advertisers to bring you a faster, more efficient, user intuitive, and mobile responsive platform, allowing you to share assets, communicate, and analyze data effortlessly for increased revenue on both sides!  And with a brand new API that allows you to fully access the data on any screen, it should be easier than ever to integrate with partners to streamline operations.

If you’d like a full walk through and preview on your platform, please reach out to our amazing support team via our live chat or at to schedule a call, or catch a glimpse at the new and improved screens below to see what the new system looks like! We will also have live previews at Affiliate Summit East, Meet Market table #1408, so stop by to say hello to our team and check it out! A Hitpath representative will have reached out to your team to schedule your preferred switching date; this is a permanent, one time, seamless switch to the new interface with no interruption to service for you or your partners.


Customizable reporting with improved options and a sleek new design puts your partner in the driver’s seat of their data

Live Traffic Map

Visualize clicks and sales globally in real time
live traffic

Campaign Analytics

All the high level data they need, delivered faster than ever

Reports Campaigns

SubId Analytics

Completely retooled for speed and user friendliness, your partners can analyze traffic source data in the blink of an eye
subid reporting

Detail Level Reporting

The advanced level analytics and data aggregates your partners need to optimize efficiently
detail reports

Campaign Information

Fresh new layout and revamped searching options make finding the right offers and verticals a snap
campaign info

Campaign Assets

Streamlined ability to access campaign assets means your partners are up and running – and making money – in record time

Network Mail

Partners will never miss another notification or announcement with the in-portal messaging system
network mail


A brand new API with 100% access to any data seen within the interface itself allows your partners to integrate seamlessly

Site Preferences

Personalize the site with their preferred options – set a homepage and even switch into Dark Mode!
site preferences

Our team is excited to share the new Partner Portal and we are here if you have any questions or concerns! Please do not hesitate to reach out.

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