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Tech Talk

Feature Highlight: Revenue Stream

Apr 26, 2022
Hitpath Support
Hitpath Support

Looking for a way to track LTV (Lifetime Value) throughout multiple sales channels? Utilize HitPath's Revenue Stream reporting to attribute and analyze those leads! Perfect for funnels, multistep flows, and campaigns using multiple payout setups, Revenue Stream tracking is designed specifically to track conversions across multiple campaigns and connect them back to an original click, providing advanced analytical capabilities and optimization of traffic flow.

As usual, HitPath has made the setup easy and streamlined – as long as the hitid generated from the first click is attached to the tracking link from any other campaign, we will automatically connect the two conversions together.

Revenue Stream reporting allows the best of both worlds; separate campaigns function as usual with all the benefits of independent settings, reporting, invoicing, and management, while at the same time, providing additional reporting which combines the campaigns together for a comprehensive view of your overall funnel data.

For more information on how Revenue Stream can help your network, or to have a technical walkthrough with the team, email

Revenue Stream Reporting is internal only. Origin Sales indicates the number of clicks/sales from the first campaign and Rev Stream Sales is the number of resultant leads that came from those clicks. Revenue Stream does not do a direct match from sale A to sale B, but instead gives overall numbers and trends, allowing for metrics without dealing with possible complications from multisales setups, multiple advertisers, or CPC/CPA conversion flows.

Track Affiliates, Influencers, Coupon Codes, Apps, Leads, Phone Calls, Social Media Ads, and more!