Introducing the new HitPath 1-Click Reporting Extension

Oct 8, 2021
Sam Prokop
Sam Prokop
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Affiliates and Network owners alike are now able to keep an eye on the performance of their accounts without the need to log into their network or affiliate  interfaces.  Version 2.0, now available for both Firefox and Chrome, has been completely re-engineered and optimized for speed and high availability.

Do you have multiple accounts from multiple networks running on the HitPath platform? NO PROBLEM! Load as many accounts as you want,  then switch between accounts and keep track of the KPIs for each account. ALL in real-time.

Please make sure to review the extension and feel free to send us your comments, feedback or feature requests you’d like to see us add to the extension.

Click here to download the Firefox or Chrome extensions now!

Track Affiliates, Influencers, Coupon Codes, Apps, Leads, Phone Calls, Social Media Ads, and more!