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Partner Integrations

Hitpath & Manna

Apr 26, 2022
Sam Prokop
Sam Prokop

MANNA and Hitpath have partnered to allow you to see your HitPath tracking data alongside your Google and Facebook marketing data, all in real-time. No configuration or technical skills necessary. All setup is handled by the MANNA team.

Manna and Hitpath create the perfect marriage between two essential marketing solutions. In addition to bringing your Hitpath data, Manna also allows you to connect  any in-house or other third party data that is essential to your business decision making process.   

Fully integrated Ad Platforms - Campaigns tracking with HitPath and Ad deployment and spend optimization with Manna

What is MANNA

Manna is a multi-network reporting and optimizing solution that brings ad networks and lead tracking data to a unified platform enabling marketers to visualize, analyze, optimize and report ad performance all in one place. Manna helps marketers manage campaigns across Google and Facebook with speed and simplicity. 

Manna allows you to create customized dashboards with all your Hitpath tracking data providing you an interactive experience where you see results starting at the account level taking you all the way down to the ad level. 

API Integration

Manna can also be used as a gateway to connect Facebook, Google and Hitpath data to other platforms like Google sheets, Sales Force and more.

Manna is currently in beta testing and there is no cost to use the platform during this period, take advantage and be part of their beta testing team and save on integrations and starting cost. 

To get get started apply to become one of their beta testers here:

Track Affiliates, Influencers, Coupon Codes, Apps, Leads, Phone Calls, Social Media Ads, and more!