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Case Studies

CPXi Case Study

Apr 26, 2022
Sam Prokop
Sam Prokop
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Case Study: AdReady, a division of CPXi

Subject: Chris Carnacchio, Vice President of Media Buying and Optimization
Location: Headquartered in New York with offices locations across the US, Europe and Asia

AdReady, a division of CPXi, chooses HitPath for always-on support and real-time performance tracking

Digital media company CPXi leverages the HitPath platform to create customized solutions enabling the growth of both the company’s performance based offerings: media management division, AdReady, and standalone affiliate network, Affiture. AdReady needed effective, reliable performance feedback in order to provide customers with the best service and increase profits.

The AdReady team used a performance tracking platform that wasn’t able to offer the support they needed. Although they had a dedicated support contact, they found it difficult to get in touch with that person or to get a quick turnaround on questions they needed answered.

Making migration a painless process
Fortunately, with a New Orleans office location only a few blocks from HitPath headquarters, the AdReady team knew there were more options. With a model combining dedicated account management and 24-hour technical support availability, HitPath support was available to AdReady from day one.

“HitPath definitely went above and beyond to make the migration easy for us,” says Vice President of Media Buying and Optimization, Chris Carnacchio.

“They imported partners and data, and even went as far as approving affiliates for campaigns and creating a list of partner usernames and passwords so we could just send them out over email.”


AdReady set the overall migration schedule, and the HitPath team finished the transition several days ahead of schedule.

“We experienced no downtime or effect on traffic during the migration. We were able to continue running our business as usual,” Carnacchio says.

Support that’s available anytime, day or night
“Reaching support on an ongoing basis has been much simpler since the move to HitPath.”

“It’s been amazing,” continues Carnacchio. “We can get weekend and early morning support before business hours when we need it.”

Quick insights thanks to up-to-date data
As far as the solution itself, Carnacchio cites the realtime stats and variety of reports as top benefits of using HitPath software. Previously, AdReady had been frequently dependent on advertisers’ reports that reported clicks and sales on a four-hour delay. Real-time information has allowed the team to quickly detect a nd report tracking issues with their advertisers and to make fast adjustments to optimize traffic. Detailed reports allow AdReady employees to analyze performance by device, sub ID, and landing page creative.

Carnacchio uses the HitPath Trends report each morning to get a snapshot of recent activity among top-performing offers and partners. Using the HitPath API, his team has also built out a custom, automated report they receive four times daily, comparing the current day’s stats with the day before, so they can instantly jump on any dips or spikes in traffic.

“HitPath allowed us to go from being reactive to proactive in our campaign management for both our performance clients on the AdReady side and for our affiliates through our standalone affiliate network, Affiture. It allows for quicker insights, and gives us the source information we need to make effective decisions,” says Carnacchio.

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