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Data Engineer

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Be part of a fast growing company and a group of extremely talented technical minds servicing a worldwide customer base. We seek dynamic, self-driven individuals who enjoy learning, pushing themselves and have enthusiasm for solving complex and interesting data centric problems.

We continue to build on our belief that data analysis should be part of every marketing decisions our clients make. We are building a state-of-the-art data platform to track, analyze and intuitively represent consumer behavior trends pre and post sale attribution. With the help of our platform, clients make better media purchasing decisions by continuously analyze, shape and optimize the end user traffic within multiple marketing channels. Our unified data analysis and transaction shaping platform ultimately yields increased sales volume as well as high margins.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Create, build and maintain a coherent and performant data architecture
  • Prototype, develop, deploy and debug data ingestions and data management services
  • Participate in peer code reviews and produce high quality documentation
  • Construct queries and reports to guide architectural design, business decisions and optimization algorithms
  • Be embedded within the Data Science team and aid in identifying and exploiting patterns and trends
  • Take projects through the full engineering lifecycle: designing, building, testing, deploying and debugging tools and products
  • Help grow a team and work with a tight knit group of engineers.
Required Experience/Skills
  • RESTful APIs
  • Relational database technologies like Postgres and MySQL, as well as Amazon AWS technologies like SQS, SNS, Lambda, Kinesis, and Redshift.
  • Of great value is also interest in NoSQL frameworks, like Dynamo, MapReduce, Spark,
  • Must have a passion for a strong interest for distributed data platforms and scalable data architectures.
  • You will be entrusted with the entire end-to-end engineering processes to manage rich datasets from tens of millions of transactions per month.
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 1+ years of experience with Python development
  • Working with large SQL datastores to answer business intelligence questions using PostgreSQL & Redshift
  • Experience with Linux, the bash shell, Docker and AWS infrastructure
  • Working knowledge of web browsers, cookies, fingerprinting, and how these technologies fit in online advertising
  • Understanding of NoSQL datastores like DynamoDB and Redisv
  • Knowledge of queueing systems like SQS and Kinesis Firehose
  • Understanding of how to build RESTful APIs

The Company offers excellent benefit and compensation programs. If you want to work for a company that is on the cutting edge in the information markets, contact us. This job is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and is not available for telecommuting.

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