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Crosspub is back!
A remarkably improved connection process completes setup in just a few clicks!

Execute tasks like Add, Copy, Help, Go to, and Search from anywhere within the HitPath tool with this new command line interface.

Why Advertisers Choose HitPath!

As an enterprise software solution, advertisers consistently trust HitPath to power their online marketing programs, because at HitPath we understand how important brand integrity, sociability, 24/7 relationship focused customer service and tracking accuracy is when marketing a reputable and successful brand.

No other multichannel tracking platform offers a more complete package.

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Alternate Primary Domains
Assign alternate tracking domains per advertiser, resulting in the clean delineation of traffic.

Affiliate Sub ID Report
Allows your affiliates to see c1, c2, and c3 values, and how well each sub ID performs across all campaigns.

Why Networks Choose HitPath!

Network industry leaders know that you can’t have staying power unless you have the right tools and HitPath is their first choice every time. Join the enterprise solution with HitPath tracking software and gain access to networking with other HitPath clients, awarding you the benefit of cross publishing some of the best, fraud free traffic in the industry.

And there is so much more! It’s a complete package.
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Call Server
Say goodbye to the cost for additional phone numbers. Our new call server saves you time and money!

Create a hybrid Click 2 Call campaign that will track calls and pay affiliates based on call duration.

Are You Missing Out On Revenue?

Take full advantage of both online and offline marketing capabilities to get the most out of your advertisers call centers. We have seamlessly tied flexible tools into HitPath to offer a click2call campaign setup that provides real-time call data directly to customers’ digital advertising platforms.

Another logical addition to our all inclusive platform.

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Enhanced Features

Know your traffic!
If your traffic is coming from mobile devices, your content needs to conform else your conversions will go down

We have tools to optimize this traffic and align your conversions!

Mobile traffic needs mobile tracking!

15-18% of all your traffic is initiated from mobile devices! If your tracking software can't target these devices and serve the appropriate content you are simply leaving money on the table! Reliable and accurate tracking via Mobile Device Targeting™, Event Tracking™ for app developers are just a few mobile tracking specific features now an integral part of HitPath.

Another logical addition to our all inclusive platform.
See the feature set here

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